Investree Philippines, a leading crowdfunding platform in the Philippines that has been granted the very first crowdfunding license to operate in the country by the Securities and Exchange Commission, introduces the Working Capital Term Note (WCTN) with Real Estate Mortgage (REM). This financial solution has been developed specifically to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Philippines. By increasing the availability of working capital, the financing platform aims to empower SMEs and promote their long-term sustainability and expansion.

5 Key Features of Investree’s Working Capital Term Notes

5 Key Features of Investree’s Working Capital Term Loan

1. Long-term Nature

Investree's Working Capital Term Note (WCTN) provides an extended tenor of up to 36 months, in contrast to Investree's financing alternatives, Purchase Order (PO) Financing or Invoice Financing, which is payable up to 12 months. The prolonged duration grants SMEs a more considerable runway to effectively implement complex and extensive projects.

2. Flexible Repayment Terms

WCTN provides SMEs with the freedom to select a repayment period that corresponds to their unique financial needs, spanning from seven (7) to thirty-six months. This ensures the highest degree of flexibility and control of cash flow that suits their unique business needs.

3. Collateral Requirement

The requirement for collateral for enhanced security sets WCTN apart from other platforms by effectively mitigating potential financing-related risks. Real estate, machinery, personal property, bank guarantees, and accounts receivable are all acceptable forms of collateral, providing a variety of alternatives for securing business financing or a business loan.

4. Lower Interest Rates

Due to the investor's decreased risk, WCTN is an economically viable financing alternative for enterprises, as the provision of real estate collateral leads to reduced interest rates.  This new financing instrument features monthly rates as low as 1.0%, or an annual effective interest rate (EIR) of 12%.

5. Higher loan amount, higher approval rate combo

The utilization of collateral for SMEs fortifies their creditworthiness, which allows easier access to increased financing quantities of up to PHP 15 million. Furthermore, it increases the likelihood of financing approval, which is advantageous for SMEs that are in need of funding despite having less-than-perfect credit histories.

Understanding Investree’s  Working Capital Term Note (WCTN) with Real Estate Mortgage (REM)

I. The Product

The Working Capital Term Note, which is protected by Real Estate Mortgage, provides SMEs with a versatile financing alternative that includes the following essential attributes:

What is Investree Philippines Working Capital Loan

II. Eligible Collateral and SME Requirements

     1. Acceptable collateral for the WCTN includes various real estate properties with clean titles, including:

Collateral Requirements for Working Capital Term Loan Investree
  1. Residential Properties (House and Lot, Condominium Units)
  2. Commercial Properties
  3. Mixed-use Properties

The choice of property title for collateral depends on the business structure. If the business is a corporation, the property should be under the corporation's name, and in the case of a sole proprietorship, it's recommended that the business owner holds the property title. Additionally, in situations where third-party participation is involved in a Real Estate Mortgage, the property title may t be registered in the names of the Beneficial Owner, Officers, or Shareholders of the corporation

     2. SME Registration Requirements

Understanding the necessary steps and documentation required for SME registration is crucial for accessing financial support. Prepare the essential registration requirements to ensure a smooth and efficient application process.

SME Requirements for Working Capital Term Loan

     3. Real Estate Mortgage Requirement

Investree Real Estate Mortgage Requirement for Working capital Loan

III. The Working Capital Term Note Application Process

This section provides an illustration of the step-by-step guide to availing of the working capital term note (WTCN). 

SME Working Capital Term Loan Application Process Investree

Here are some highlights for SMEs to better understand how they can utilize Investree’s Working Capital Term Note

Strategically utilizing WCTN enables SMEs to initiate significant business ventures by obtaining flexible terms for the capital they need to foster sustainable growth and development. Here are some things you need to know about Investree Philippines’ working capital term note:

Benefits of Working Capital Loan for SMEs
  1. Pursuing long-term business projects or ventures

WCTN is an optimal choice for SMEs engaged in long-term initiatives due to its flexible duration of 7 to 36 months. The lengthened time frame provides SMEs with sufficient time and resources to effectively implement and accomplish larger projects, develop new products or infrastructure, and pursue more growth opportunities for their businesses.

Furthermore, utilizing WCTN can help SMEs obtain significant financial resources ranging from Php 2 million to Php 15 million. This funding enables SMEs to diversify product lines, expand operations, and explore untapped markets, among other strategic business initiatives.

  1. Leveraging real estate property

The utilization of real estate assets as collateral for WCTN provides a significant benefit to SMEs. This enables funding opportunities to be accessed while also permitting businesses to maintain ownership and continue utilizing the asset for operational objectives.

  1. Stabilizing  and optimizing cash flow 

SMEs benefit from WCTN's extended term and predictable repayment schedule, which contribute to the management of stable and more regulated cash flow. This stability facilitates the avoidance of imminent repayment pressure that enables businesses to concentrate on expansion initiatives while maintaining the ability to meet day-to-day operational needs.

  1. Catering to diverse project scope

In contrast to other types of business financing, WCTN accommodates SMEs that are strategizing for extensive, varied, and long-term projects. The variety of project scopes guarantees that businesses have the ability to pursue various avenues for expansion with sufficient financial support.

By utilizing Investree Philippines' Working Capital Term Note (WCTN) strategically, SMEs are enabled to initiate significant business endeavors, such as having opportunities to broaden their horizons, penetrate untapped markets, acquire substantial funding in addition to flexible financing terms, and take advantage of more benefits that WCTN offers. 

Furthermore, by securing real estate as collateral, SMEs can maintain ownership of assets while also establishing cash flow stability to support sustainable growth. As SMEs utilize WCTN, which is supported by REM, they access a variety of advantages.

The fundamental goal of Investree Philippines' Working Capital Term Note (WCTN) is to foster stronger SMEs in the Philippines by offering customized and effective financial solutions. Investree Philippines is committed to its objective of empowering SMEs through the provision of innovative financial services, facilitation of their expansion, and assurance of access to customized and efficient financing alternatives that bolster their success in the ever-changing economic landscape of the country. 

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About Investree Philippines

A joint venture of Investree Singapore Pte Ltd. and the Filinvest Group through F(DEV) Digital Innovations and Ventures, Inc Investree Philippines is the first recipient of a permanent crowdfunding license from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the country. It aims to enable local SMEs to springboard and achieve success through innovative, transparent, and viable financing solutions.

Following its success as a top lending platform in Southeast Asia, Investree has come to the Philippines with the mission to assist Filipino SMEs in growing their businesses by providing them with accessible and affordable financing solutions. Investree seeks to welcome more qualified buyers and investors looking for alternatives to real estate, the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), or operating new businesses and allow them to access these assets by assessing risk and providing them opportunities to support SMEs. This makes Investree Philippines a platform where everyone can grow.